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This game is Pre-Alpha and is not feature complete. It is still in development, and many features are expected to change during production.

--- Latest Update: v0.9.2 on 3rd November 2016 ---

GuildMaster is a demanding and challenging strategy-tycoon game. You are the Guild Master, tasked with recruiting fresh faced adventurers, and sending them questing into a hostile world. Survivors return with treasure and experience and are rewarded by being sent back to face even harder and more deadly challenges. Naturally, you take their loot and use it to expand your guild, adding unique rooms that add both risk and reward to your adventurer's lives.

Unfortunately, your life is not an easy one. While the adventurers merely have to deal with death, dungeons and dragons, you must somehow balance the books and keep the guild running. Nothing is more certain than death and taxes, and somehow you have to pay for both, while dodging debt-collectors more fearsome than any demon. Just how long can you keep this risky business afloat?

We'd love to get some feedback on what you like about the game so far, or any comments you might have in general. You can find our latest survey at the link below.


--- Quick Guide ---

1 - Touch the questboard to get started

2 - Touch a quest poster to see details, touch left and right arrows to cycle through quests

3 - Notice the stat and level of the quest

4 - Compare the characters talent and weakness to what the quest needs

5 - Touch the character to select them for the quest

6 - Hit send!

7 - Clean up their mess!

8 - Build the admissions center to recruit more members, touch the desk to open its interface

9 - Touch the pedestal to upgrade the tavern and unlock more rooms

10 - Expand your guild!

11 - Complete events to unlock class trainers and give your members a skill boost

There is currently no in game tutorial, however you can view the tutorial on our web site here.

If you want updates on the game as we add more things feel free to follow us on our social media!




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[---Known Issues---]

On android, you will need to allow installations from unknown sources under security settings. You can turn this back to its default setting after installation is complete. This is simply because the file has not come from the google play store.

The google download manager for android currently does not recognise the .APK file as an .APK file (silly, we know). We will be adressing this issue in our next version update. In the meantime, any other third party file manager will do the trick just fine.


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I really enjoy this game and would love to see it continued!


This is awsome

Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)

Get it for windows ;)

We'll be sure to include a windows build with our next milestone :) as well as more content, features and a GUI overhaul.